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Jaher Group's design teams can work together to deliver seamless sustainable building and infrastructure design, lead complex multidisciplinary projects or develop spaces for whole communities.

We can deliver integrated design and construction solution, or focus any of our specialists on perfecting a single project detail.

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Welcome to Jaher Group

Every endeavor has a narrative. Every business owner has a vision. Every end user has had a particular experience. We put a lot of effort into giving our clients the information, know-how, and insight they require to enhance their environment. We create building systems to meet the needs of each unique facility's structural requirements as well as the aesthetic requirements, site conditions, environmental obligations, and code standards.




Jaher Group's goal is to have the greatest impact possible in order to improve quality of life, with sustainability at the core of everything we do. Our solutions tackle significant societal issues involving mobility, places, and resilience. With the use of technology and data, we are able to provide the capabilities and services needed to address client demands brought on by global trends including urbanization, climate change, digitization, changing stakeholder expectations, and potentially unpredictable events.

About Us

Jaher Group is adept at working under a variety of different project delivery methodologies. In any arrangement, we strive to identify, design, and implement solutions that solve critical facility challenges. We have extensive experience assembling project teams with an owner to provide integrated full service solutions that include architectural, civil, structural, and expediting services. In addition, we have sourced financing for owners- either through incentives, grants, rebates, or third party financing to help owners move from design through construction and operation within budgetary constraints.

Dedicated to the successful execution of program design concepts and the optimization of building systems, Jaher Group has designed some of the  most recognizable structures. We are dedicated to new challenges, industry advancement, and seek out opportunities that extend our capabilities and distinguish us from our peers. Our breadth of service demonstrates our ongoing commitment to superlative performance-based design.

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It is advantageous to have experience on both the design and construction sides of a structure. By bringing together specialists from D8 Consultants Ltd. and Sahira Construction, we highlight our engineer-led design-build expertise and offer the owner a one-stop shop where our engineering and construction management expertise is applied to assess, estimate, and provide a construction schedule that is in line with the owner's goals. Then, based on the means, procedures, and timetable of building, we offer an improved design. Lower project risk and, eventually, lower overall building costs are the results.

Infrastructure Design

Our infrastructure specialists approach assignments with a wealth of expertise as well as fresh, creative ideas. We invented the "tri-brid" idea, which uses electricity, steam, and natural gas to power large-scale refrigeration plants. Our solutions are especially targeted at streamlining preventive plant maintenance and providing the system with operational freedom.

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Building Design

A global network of creative and expert building engineers and design specialists is brought together by the Jaher Group. We are well renowned for our collective work on large-scale structures.

We are adopting all latest technologies for designing tall buildings in seismic zone.

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Our network of building resources makes it possible to effectively mobilize experienced construction teams and cutting-edge methodologies worldwide. Jaher Group has a lot of expertise handling multicultural workforces and local considerations. We have outstanding record for providing great solutions.

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By harnessing the power of digital technology and the innovation of  technical experts, Jaher Group  deliver tailored solutions and transformative outcomes for clients and the communities they serve.

Jaher Wasim V3
Jaher Wasim Structural Engineer

Pairing own software-as-a-service (Saas) platforms with the latest software tools and finite element packages from partners, Jaher Group is working to deliver a better world using the latest digital technologies.

Touhidul Islam Hydraulic Engineer

Jaher Group blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds with VR and AR. By bringing digital models to life, clients can interact with their projects throughout the design process, visualizing the future like never before.

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Nilufar Urmi CTO & HR Manager